Never give up.
No matter how hard the struggle.
Help is always there
When you feel yourself in trouble.

Life is not a solo walk.
You do not tread your path alone.
Help is always waiting for you
Far closer than your phone.

There’s a part of you that’s linked
To all souls who’ve e’er existed.
Those who’ve never felt their presence
This great fact have just resisted.

Help is there within the silence.
You can find it when you sit
And silence all your worries.
That’s when you’ll think, “Aha! That’s it!”

For our voice is very subtle.
You must listen very hard.
But only after making sure
Your thoughts you do retard.

And then, in perfect stillness
Feel a shift – a subtle change.
It is there, in utter calmness
That your life we rearrange.

For once you make that vital link
With your ever-present guides,
There’s no way you can deny them,
There’s nowhere you’ll want to hide.

For this ever-present source of help
Is there to comfort and to love you.
They will answer all your questions
From within, not from above you.

Be in no hurry to discover
The joys that do await.
But patiently seek out these friends…
It is your earthly fate.

They’ll wait forever, if they must
For patience they do have.
But seek now while you have the urge
To feel their loving salve.