Visions of splendor –
Sights that bring you to your knees…
Can you imagine
A world with things like these?

This world it does await you.
It’s there for all to know.
It matters not your faith or creed.
To this place you all will go.

Your experience may differ
Base upon your life on earth.
For it is true you reap your ends
From what you sow each day from birth.

The more you spend your days there
Sending love and giving service,
More beautiful it will be beyond.
But wait! Do not be nervous!

The beauty’s there for all to take,
For Heaven knows no favors.
Surrounded by pure love and light,
Every soul its beauty savors.

But just as on earth, there are degrees
Of beauty to behold.
So know that as you learn to love,
More Heaven’s streets are paved with gold.