Since I’ve been in Sedona I’ve felt unsettlingly disconnected during my meditations. Before getting the poem today I was given the insight that it’s just like when a person takes golfing lessons and you try a bunch of new techniques at once – suddenly nothing works. I went back to my old ways of meditating and – voila’ – the wonderful connection was back. Aaahhh. This connection was followed with another poem in which, for the second time in a week, the Poets set me straight in no uncertain terms! I share this personal poem because it does seem to pertain to all of us … we are all one, after all, aren’t we?

Hear us when we speak to you.
There is nothing you need do.
All will unfold exactly right.
No need to furl your brow so tight.

The worries that you carry there
Fill you with such needless care.
For all is in its proper place.
Sit back and give yourself some space.

Great strides you do expect to see.
But who’s in charge here – you or we?
Those who know what’s best for you…
Your guides who’re here to see you through.

You block us when you exert your will.
This our vibration, yes, does kill.
For ego is a heavy thing.
Back to earth it will you bring.

So hurry not to see advances.
To grow you will have many chances.
Live each day with gratitude.
This is the proper attitude.

So yes, relax, and have some fun.
We know just what’s to be done.
So leave your future in our hands.
Sit back and watch the shifting sands.

If there’s something you need to do,
Rest assured we’ll come to you.
For now step back and simply BE.
Be not uptight, but in all ways free.