Sit down and do not move.
Now quiet your brain.
Release all negativity
And all such thoughts which do remain.

And when you’ve thus prepared,
Place your focus on your heart.
It’s there you will experience
The fullness of which you’re part.

So wrapped up you do become
In your day to day relations,
That you fail to recognize
That you have no limitations.

The dense vibrations of your world
Hold you trapped in this dire state
But you can find release at will
When in prayer you participate.

Ask to feel the love –
The highest of all vibrations.
And when it comes to fill you
Quite pleasant are these new sensations.

They will remind you who you are –
Not this temporary being.
But your true self – your very nature
Who with new eyes you now are seeing.

If reminders you do need,
Then remind yourself you must.
So in this way make your acquaintance
Until this reality you come to trust.