From Zion National Park, Utah

Understanding and forgiveness –
Two good traits to have.
When used they bring relief
Like a calming, soothing salve.

Carry not the burden
Of hate and discontent.
These attributes will sap the soul
When there your energy is spent.

Realize that all your feelings
Do originate with you.
And as for others’ actions,
There’s little you can do.

But when it comes to your own thinking,
Why, that’s what you control.
So keep loving thoughts foremost in mind
And purify your soul.

“I forgive you. I understand
That you and I don’t think the same.”
It’s thoughts like this that free you
And your ego’s mind do tame.

For it’s ego that keeps you thinking
That others do you wrong.
But you can create miracles
When you change to a new song.