From Bryce Canyon, Utah

See not the world as separate
Hold yourself not so apart.
But see yourself like water
Flowing from the source – your heart.

Allow this vital liquid
To flow where there is need,
Blending with all that exists
And there implanting love’s pure seed.

From you can flow this river,
For you a channel are –
A conduit of God’s great love
That travels near and far.

Each human has the power
To stop this flow at will.
And thus dammed up, this vital force
The love inside can kill.

It’s up to you – you have a choice
To dam the source or let it flow.
But you can be as God, my friend,
As above, so as below.

Hold yourself wide open.
Allow God’s love to enter in.
Then open up your flood gates
And share what’s there within.

What goes out from there inside you
Will flow back in your direction.
You’ll feel the love from others
And realize God’s grand perfection.