From Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Peace will come
When all think as one.
But in a world of black and white
Who’s to say who’s wrong or right?

Yours is a world of duality,
Which you think is your reality.
When, in fact, it’s all illusion
Leading you to spiritual confusion.

But don’t forget that there is gray
That ‘tween the black and white does play.
For there can be no clear division
When in two or more have thoughts arisen.

For all is based upon perception
And all attune with their own reception
To the differing energies which they sense
Where slow vibrations create matter most dense.

So in your world, as much as you try,
True peace and happiness seem to slip by.
It’s because you have the will to choose
Between happy or sad—win or lose.

The only place where you are free
Is the part of you that you can’t see.
The Self’s the part that’s solely true–
That timeless, ageless part that’s You.