From Glacier National Park, Montana

The tingle that you feel …
Trust that it is real.
How else to let you know we are there?

We use your body as a tool
With signs you can’t out rule
So that you know that we do care.

Each person has one guide or more.
For us it’s not a chore
To help you through your days.

We give you guidance when we can.
We help you carry out God’s plan
Which manifests in many ways.

Some may never see or hear us,
But your trust in us does cheer us
For faith is always a good thing.

Just give us time
We will give to you a sign
That to you true confidence will bring.

Then you’ll have the sense of knowing
That wherever you are going
You can trust that you are guided.

And when your hunches you do follow
Even if the pill is hard to swallow
You’ll be glad our guidance you abided.

For never will we lead you wrong
We are here to go along
And help you through this life you’re in.

So call on us and we’ll reply.
The time will come you can’t deny
That there within we’ve always been.