Be quite thankful for all you have.
Make a long, long list.
Recite it as a prayer each day –
Why you’re grateful to exist.

Then in this state of gratitude
Feel the thanks for what’s to come.
For this is how to activate
Those things that aren’t yet won.

When you thus express your thanks
You realize you are a part
Of that which gives unto you –
Of that which fills your heart.

When you understand this feeling –
When this connection you do feel,
You activate all that’s divine
And turn the unseen into real.

Divine thoughts they will come to you
Once the oneness you do see.
And then these thoughts with your own mind
Will become reality.

Once you’ve thus created,
More reason will you have to pray
And feel far greater gratitude
For what you receive each day.

For this is how true prayer it works –
Not a supplication for a favor,
But expression of true gratitude
Once the Source you truly savor.