From Jamestown, North Dakota

In a world of pain and suffering,
You might ask, “Why am I here?”
The answer is quite basic:
To be that which you hold most dear.

What is it that you treasure?
What brings your greatest joy?
The Force that dwells inside you …
The greatest tool you can employ.

It’s love that lives there in you.
It’s love that all do seek.
So why is it of emptiness
That so many often speak?

They suffer for they fail to see
They are the source of what they lack.
And with this misperception
Their fellow man they do attack.

Your purpose, then, is simple—
To uncover all the lies …
To bring forth what lies hidden
And expose it to the skies.

Be the shining light you are—
A beacon that pours forth
The love that’s always been there
Like a compass pointing north.

Shine brightly, do not seek the light,
For love and light is what you are.
You need not look outside yourself;
You are the Great North Star.