From Indian River, Michigan

Sing a song of innocence—
A song of times gone by.
Go back to when as just a babe
For love and food you’d cry.

These basics still sustain you,
For love and food you still do need.
Any more than that is extra
And all longings lead to greed.

Once shelter you do have,
And your food is well supplied
Shed all your outer trappings
Behind which many hide.

Then you’ll find the Source of Life
That for which all yearn—
The feeling that you’re cared for
Which in all hearts does burn.

As a babe you do not know
That Love is what you are,
But as you grow you come to learn
That you need not look far.

With Spirit you do co-create.
If you love, it is by choice.
So make the choice to share what’s yours
And thus give Love a voice.