From Fayette, Ohio

This poem requires a preface. Last night, my husband and I were poring over a map, trying to find the small town where some friends live. Neither of us could find the town. Then, I remembered something Anne Gehman did that I wrote about in “The Priest and the Medium,” and I decided to try it. I looked away, stepped outside myself and asked to be shown where the town was. When I glanced down at the map, my eyes went straight to the town. I looked at Ty and said, “There you go!” So, the first stanza is obviously about my experience last night, but the whole poem applies to everyone.

A finger on a map
Guided to the unseen spot.
Was it just coincidence?
You know that it was not.

So many take for granted
The things they do and say,
Imagining they act alone
As they go through their day.

In this they are mistaken,
For no man plays a solo role.
All minds are linked together
And interact from soul to soul.

If guidance you do search for
If love is yet your goal
See yourself not solo
But part and parcel of the whole.

Step out beyond your borders.
Reach beyond your walls,
And blend instead with All That Is
To hear the Voice that calls.

It’s then you will be guided.
It’s then you’ll know your place.
It’s then more often will you see
A smile upon your face.

For Love is your true nature.
Happiness it is your right.
So claim your rightful place, my friend
And thus expand your sight.