From Cuba, New York

Your world is not so rigid.
It is made not just of things.
There’s far more than what you see
And what your sense perception to you brings.

You live in two dimensions—
The world of matter and of spirit.
The latter is your second home
But most do not go near it.

In fact, it’s not a place you “go.”
It’s around you all the time.
To be there takes a subtle shift …
A change of thought that’s most sublime.

Once there the world expands for you.
All knowledge is your gift.
You manifest quite easily
Yet your hand you need not lift.

How to get there to this Kingdom …
The realm where Spirit always dwells?
Place your thought upon that place
Where love inside you swells.

Then with your pure intention
And knowing what is True,
BE the power you wish to have
And just watch what you can do.