Insane ideas … insanity …
Thinking what you see is real.
When, in actuality,
You create by how you feel.

What you see can change
With just a change of view
And suddenly the world you see
Is not the world you knew.

Why all this false perception?
Why this talk about illusion?
Because you need to know these things
To clear up your confusion.

The world before you will not last.
It comes out of a void.
And what was dust to dust returns—
A fact you can’t avoid.

But you, my friend, are lasting—
That part that can’t be seen.
You live through many lifetimes
And in the timeless space between.

So place your focus there for now—
On that which does endure:
The Life Force that flows through you,
The part of you that is most pure.

By knowing you’re eternal
All else does lose its luster.
And when things here at times seem tough,
More courage can you muster.

Take heart that when you suffer
There is an end in sight,
For as eternal Spirit
You will always find the Light.