For this second poem today, I asked Mike’s question: “What can you tell us about reincarnation?”

Lives on earth are short-lived in your time
But measured this way cuts it fine
So much to do
Hard to fit into one life
All the lessons and the strife

So you come back to do it again
Repeat the cycle once or twice
And then
Move on to other realms

Did you live before as a tree?
We say no, can’t you see?
Soul force is your essence

A tree’s a tree forever more
But human beings can no more
Come back as something other than they are
Once a man, a man you are

Not all come back
In fact, quite few
And this they simply choose to do
To learn the lessons
They failed to learn first time around.
When they did walk upon the ground

So look not at every soul
And wonder if they lived before as man
How to execute the plan
Depends on many factors
Requires many actors
Each going his own way
Only God can say
Who moves on and who goes back
Each to take a different tack

Where to go? What’s the solution?
It’s all a part of evolution
As the soul develops fine
Moves farther t’ward the Divine
No longer in need
Of returning to a seed
But growing
In knowing
And so moving upward toward the light
Once they’ve got it right

This is life
A constant journey toward perfection.