See not always the danger.
To strife you are no stranger.
But look and see the beauty.
This in life is your main duty.

So very often you deny
That what’s before you is a lie.
Nothing is at all what it does seem,
But pure illusion, as a dream.

This you will finally understand
When you pass completely from this land.
Then the truth you finally will see:
That you as spirit are forever free.

So place not your focus here
Where all do live with constant worry and with fear.
But see instead the changeless face
That dwells inside this temporary place.

At your core pure consciousness you are.
The part that’s neither near nor far,
But always as within just as above …
The seed of God’s undying love.

Use this knowledge to find peace.
May it bring you great release
To know your troubles here won’t last
And these too, you will get past.