Dusty pages of a book …
Take a look.
Ancient words so wise
They come as a surprise.

Who knows from whence they come?
It matters not when day is done,
But the wisdom they contain
From the pages … much to gain.

Akashic Records some do call
Where is encompassed truly all
The knowledge that has ever been
The knowledge contained … there within.

Some see these records as a book
That as we said are there to look
But all can seek these tomes at will
By asking for a special skill.
The skill lies in opening the mind.
It’s there the key that you will find.
For without limits is this part
And so it’s there that you must start.

Release the blocks that you have placed-
The limits that you thought you faced,
And know that all you’ve sought to know
Is there just like a movie show.

The records of all that is and was
Are there awaiting … why? Because
There’s one great Mind that does the thinking
It’s ever-expanding, never shrinking.

And so this book, this show, this “thing”
That to you all-knowing will surely bring
Is there for you to seek and find
When you do realize, there’s but One Mind.