A friend asked the question: “Why can’t I see or understand with my physical mind what I have always felt inside?”

Spirit works not as most people think
We have no need for food and drink
We see not with physical eyes
Touch and taste no compromise
Our hearing comes not from the ears
We know nothing of salty tears

But you who are encased in flesh
See as if through darkened mesh.
The things of Spirit
Like a veil your vision it covers –
Hiding from you what’’s real
But deep inside like silent lovers
The truths we do reveal

This knowing comes not from the body
That relies upon a brain
It comes from something far more subtle
A world that knows no pain

Trust in what you sense and feel
Even if you never prove it
Your heart and mind they know what’s real
This doubt you can remove it

Oh Ivy dear, forget the flesh
It knows not of the Spirit
But with the ears of Spirit dear
We’re sure that you can hear it –

The breathless whisper
The beating heart
That pumps not mortal blood
But holy love that flows within
In one great gushing flood

For this you need no eyes, no ears
No tongue to taste or swallow
You’ve far better ways to sense the beauty
When your true calling you follow.

We leave you with our blessing.