Two poems today (#52 and #53)

I am.
Before a single sprout arose through the dirt
A seed of thought took root
Planted firmly
This is how it all began
The mind of God it did expand
And grow
Hoping for itself to know

Like a river it does flow
Over stones in streams
Drifting lazily
As if in dreams

A silent whisper snaking through time
All part of one great design
To mesh together
And intertwine
In its beauty, so sublime

All you see it comes from this
The mind of God creates with bliss
The substance of matter
Which seems to you as solid
Hard to the touch …

But you know so little of that
Which seems to you so hard
All vibrates and pulses with energy
Pure, unceasing action

Try to catch it in your hand
It runs away
The dancing photons they do play
A trick on all your senses so fine
At its core, all is divine

What your science cannot explain
It’s God! We do exclaim —
Master of it all
All glory to His name