The tolling of the bell
And all is well
As little heads do lie and sleep.
Yet there alone
One does weep.

Oh, why, little one
Do you cry?
Let me wipe the tear from your eye.
Bad dreams it seems
Have cast a shadow.

Fear not
Your dreams aren’t real.
Yet so they feel.
All the world is like a play
What’s real or not
So hard to say.

Actors on a stage
You rant and rage
Play acting
Your soul
Does act out a role.

One day happy; another sad
The hero, or the villain quite bad.
Trying every costume …
How does it fit?
Too big; too small;
No, this is it!

One big experiment, this life.
A play? A dream?
A silent whisper
A rending scream.

Create and mold with thoughts and hand
A lump of clay
Who can say what shape
It will take?

Only you.
The star.