Once they started, the words came incredibly quickly and clearly today. An awesome experience of not consciously thinking, but remaining receptive.

Surrender to your fate.
There are things that you must do.
Listen to the words we say.
Advice we bring to you.

Have faith that all will come out well.
Your future you know not.
But in the end when all you see
You’ll understand the plot.

The beauty of the picture
Is that you know not all,
But learn as you do go along
And rise from every fall.

You see clearly through your human eyes
They serve you now quite well.
In guiding every step you take
In helping you to spell.

As words you write upon the page
You watch as you do write.
But this is not of what we speak
We speak now of inner sight.

Arise and see that inside you
There is another eye.
It’s there behind the brow you have
So deeply it does lie.

With this source of energy
Great things you can discern.
When seeing with your inner eye
Great wisdom can you learn.

It sees things that you cannot know
When with your brain you think.
For this eye is not physical.
It doesn’t even blink.

To use it you must still the mind
And see with inner vision.
Its messages will come to you
As part of our provision.

Relax and know that with this sense
This world you’ll see anew.
As messages from other realms
This way will come to you.

There’s much more to your body
Than your science it does know.
The vortexes of energy
Inside do whorl and glow.

If you could truly understand
The force that flows in you,
Then all the world you’d see anew.
Great things you’d surely do.