Soft as a velvet blanket
Waves lap upon the shore.
Hear our quiet message:
There is life forever more.

To live forever is your dream.
This we promise you…
A world that is unseen.

In the silence
Feel your way.
Here in meditation
Can you play.

Explore our world.
Walk through doors
And test the waters
That one day will be yours.

For now have fun.
Feel the rush of bliss
That washes through your body
When you do sit like this.

Different realities,
But all the self-same place.
You simply cannot see us
As we gaze upon your face.

But we are here beside you,
And one day you will know
That inner sight will carry you
To where you want to go.

So softly come the hints
That there’s another realm.
But all will be revealed to you
When you give up the helm.

Sit each day in silence
And this way you will see.
That there beyond the body
Does lie eternity.

* * *

(And today, a short post-script):

Mist on the water.
Fog of the mind.
When you see with your brain
To us you are blind.