Tarry not.
No time to waste.
There’s much to learn.
Sweet words to taste …

Forgive the sinner. He knows not
Of how to use the gifts he’s got.
For all are blessed with mighty power.
But used unwisely, the soul it can devour.

Sit in silence and contemplate
What is your duty? What is your fate?
Is it to amass great wealth?
Or is it to abound in health?

Never will you see the way
Until you take the time of day
To sit with us and hear our voices.
With our help you’ll make much better choices.

So few do know that we are here
Waiting just to lend an ear.
They fail to stop and then to ask.
So much easier would be this task…

The world is made of energy.
Forces that you cannot see.
Different realms of which you’re part.
Your science has barely made a start
To understand the way you live,
But their mistakes we can forgive.
For all in time will be revealed,
And then the world it will be healed.

For knowing then that all is one
Our work on earth it will be done.
But ‘til that time we sit and pray
That you will stop both night and day
And in the silence clear your mind
In this way to us you bind
And make that vital soul connection
That brings back all the recollection
Of who you are and why you’re here.
Without this knowledge all have fear.
But when you link with us above
Then you finally know true love.

This message we will oft repeat.
We never will accept defeat
Until all find the great release
That comes when you discover peace.
It lies with you – it is your right.
It comes when you do find true sight.

So go about your nights and days
But stop and modify your ways
By spending time with us, your guides.
Peace comes to he who us abides
And carries on what we’ve begun:
The lesson that we all are One.