Amid the clamor and the noise,
Hear these, our words…

Charity, a gift of the heart
Is a good place to start
To know the goodness that is yours.

When gifts are given
Asking nothing in return,
God’s good grace is what you earn.

We speak not just of money now
But gifts that you do so endow
That help to better other lives.
In this way, your love it thrives.

The giving of one’s self like this
Brings forth a kind of inner bliss.
But some do not know of this fact
And so they often fail to act.

Instead they focus on the self
And guard their treasures and their wealth.
But he who gives what’s his to keep
Great benefits are his to reap.

The lesson comes when you do give.
It’s such a grateful way to live.
For serving others with your time
Brings rewards indeed sublime.

Give selflessly at every shot.
Give what you can to he who has not.
And in so doing, earn the grace
That comes when you do put in place
The things that matter most in life
It starts with giving, sacrifice.

For nothing ever matters more
Than showing others to the door.
The door to heaven opens wide
And he who serves may step inside.
For through your actions do you show
That loving is the way you grow.