A very strong male presence – he felt very noble, powerful, and wise. Very serious. Some lines repeated from the very first poems.

The mighty Spirit lives on high.
This no soul on earth can e’er deny.
To know the power is to know it all.
For from His grace you cannot fall.

We here have come to tell you this.
There’s nothing greater than the bliss
Of knowing God as your true home
And that you never walk alone.

Forsake the things of earth that bind you.
Let us here and now remind you.
There is nothing greater than the Lord.
He needs no mighty shield or sword.

For love is the Great One’s only tool.
With this force the world He does rule.
And in you he does plant this gift
To use for others’ souls to lift.

Fear not your God for there’s nothing to fear.
He’s not a wrathful soul as you hear.
But lo an ever present Source
Of love, the world’s most powerful force.

Take great care in what you do.
Watch your words and speak anew
As in your heart the fire does grow
As bit by bit God’s love you know.

Share this knowledge with those you meet.
In this way all ills you defeat.
For to this purpose all have come.
We will not rest ‘til your work is done.