This month’s webinar signals a whole new level of communication from the spirit realms as Suzanne shares a recent conversation that she had with God/Joy/Source. The webinar starts as usual with Suzanne providing highlights of evidence from readings in the past month including the “wow” when parents Natalie and Chuck realize the evidence provided by their son in spirit, Zach was in plain sight in a photo they kept in their bedroom. Suzanne shares a fun experience of evidence from Susan, her stepdaughter across the veil that shows clearly how Susan knew about her “sparkles” being used as a teaching tool in a new video clip. Questions are answered by Suzanne and Sanaya regarding how more than one person can claim to have lived the life of a particular person in history, whether we continue to work on the same issues when we cross the veil as we did in the earth realm, and the reality of the silver cord. Suzanne provides background leading up to her conversation with God that includes a fascinating experience with mystic and author, Mary Reed. She then shares the transcript of her conversation with Joy and adds comments directed by her guides in spirit. The theme of this conversation is, “Who we are and how we fit in the grand scheme of things.” The energy and wisdom as viewers hear words directly shared from Source are beyond description. Suzanne next shares a visit she had from her mentor, Mavis Pittilla, who is now on the other side. Mavis gave Suzanne new insights regarding field dynamics to share with us. She described the “mediumship field” that contains all the readings ever given by the great mediums throughout history that is available for all to tap into. Suzanne and her guides Sanaya lead a powerful guided meditation with the intention for all to reach an experience beyond the body/mind.

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