The session this month contains some very profound insights on soul planning. Suzanne begins the session with highlights of her communications with spirit in the past month including a young boy across the veil named Logan who proves he knows what is going on with his family and gives them a fun surprise on his birthday. She shares evidence from her mediumship guide in spirit, Brenda. Suzanne explains that last month someone asked her if a person ever comes to the earth realm with suicide as part of their soul plan. She shares the answer that she received in a download from Sanaya. Suzanne continues to share other answers that she received in downloads regarding soul planning such as murder or rape being part of a soul plan. To continue the insights on soul planning, Suzanne explains that she specifically asked her guides about the relationship between free will and soul planning. She shares an amazing experience of how an answer arrived from the well-known philosopher who is now across the veil, William James. He identifies himself as part of Sanaya. He introduced Emanuel Swedenborg, a scientist and philosopher in the 1700’s, who is also part of Sanaya. Suzanne shares the conversation she had with Emanuel regarding free will and soul planning. The session closes with Suzanne explaining how she cleared her fear of doing public demonstrations of mediumship. Suzanne and Sanaya answered questions regarding skeptics who report a change in their beliefs on the other side, meditating with pets in the room, and being frightened of death.