This month’s webinar is presented as a powerful healing workshop by Suzanne. She shares an incredible lesson learned as a result of a series of bad side-effects from some over-the-counter medication. Suzanne describes her history of visits from Jesus and her most recent visit that allowed her to see the absolute GIFT in the whole episode of challenges with the medications. She shares No Other Explanation true stories that open our eyes to our own divinity. This workshop brings viewers to a whole new level of knowing and understanding the power of healing on multiple levels. A member of Suzanne’s team, Valerie, shares her personal example of strength and trust during a recent challenge with a suspected recurrence of cancer. Suzanne and her guides in spirit lead the group through a healing meditation that is beyond description in its power and energy. The high healing frequency remains with the words of the meditation and is every bit as powerful for those who view the video or listen to the audio.