“The world truly is a reflection of your thoughts.  What you give out truly does come back to you.  This is because you are an extension, an expression of the One Divine Mind.  The creation that is you contains the same creative abilities as your Source, therefore you create with your thoughts.  If you see the world as a big, scary place, then you will experience mostly fear.  If you feel people are out to get you, you will experience many challenging people coming into your life.  But what if you know your Source is pure Love, for it knows nothing other than connection with all of its creations?  What if the challenges arise from those creations erroneously believing they are separate from this Love?  Go back to your Source.  Be a reflection of that love.  Smile into the mirror and see what comes back, why don’t you?  You are so very loved.”

Note from Suzanne: I shared the following quote from spiritual teacher Ingrid Honkala during my Mentoring Session on September 10.  It is perfect here … “If you frown into a mirror, how can you expect the mirror to do anything but frown back at you?”