You want to be an A student in the School of Life? Love with all your heart and soul. Yes, love your brother as yourself. Go out of your way to extend kindness, compassion, and love to all others. It matters not how much money you earn, how many books you write, beautiful sculptures you create, businesses you start. If these endeavors help to serve others, then this is “extra credit,” but always what is in the heart is what matters most. You need not carry a heavy load of books nor study hard. Simply be who you are: pure Love at your essence, here to extend and express that love in all ways … always.

There are those who will fail in their lessons repeatedly. All are given remedial help. Tutors stand at your side ready to assist. Teachers are everywhere, providing you opportunities to raise your grade, but it is not a competition. There is truly only One of you in this school—one Heart, one Mind … all merely facets of the same jewel. Shine as brightly as you can in every moment to earn the gold star … the realization of who and what you are.