Focus on the negative. Give all of your attention to that which causes you discomfort. Are you cold, wet, and tired? Wallow in it. Do you mourn and cry from grief? Feel it fully. And now that you have touched this dark side of life in physical form, rejoice, for now you can far better appreciate its opposite—light. Would you be so uncomfortable when cold, wet, and tired if you had not at one time felt cozy, warm, and fully rested? Would you cry so painfully in mourning had you not at one time opened your heart fully to another and truly experienced love?

“But I want to feel warmth, and comfort, and love all the time!” you cry. And you will, my child, when you shed the physical body and return to the dimension of pure love. But you, yourself, have chosen to take this journey of darkness and light in order to more fully appreciate the light. Light exists in your world, and always it is there inside you when you remove your focus from your temporary miseries. It is then you remember who you are, now and forever.

So wallow for a while, for that is how you learn in this life you have chosen. But do not wallow for long. Thank the darkness for its teaching … for showing you just how bright light can be. And with this realization, detach yourself from that which takes you farther from the light. Focus no more on the physical and mental discomfort, but sit back as the neutral observer that you are in spirit form and look with compassion upon all events … all sent to you as gifts to allow you the opportunity to let your spirit shine through the darkness.