In a world of duality, of light and dark, you so often feel you are faced with two choices, but there you err.  There is a third choice:  neutrality.  You can identify strongly with one point of view and not the other, but from a place of neutrality, you can better understand how and why the other point of view exists.

Neutrality is in the center.  Picture a pendulum which swings left and right.  The way to get to the fulcrum point is by rising to a different viewpoint.  That is how you achieve neutrality in a world of duality.  It does not mean you do not care.  It simply means you choose to see the bigger picture and not get dragged into the swinging or stuck in polarity.

It is a far more peaceful place, the center.  Make your choices, state your opinions, take action as your heart guides you, yes, but know that peace lies between and beyond the fray.  In a world of duality, there will always be light and dark.  Remember this.  Allow and learn from the differences.  That is why your world is set up as it is.