Just as a river flows from a greater sea,
You as a soul are equally free.
Think of yourself in terms of flow.
You are not fixed in place with no place to go.

You are far greater than what you see with the eyes.
To grasp your magnificence you must fantasize.
And even then you fail to know
That you are not a “thing” but a pulsating glow.

Go beyond the story that you know as “yourself”
That limited version belongs on a shelf.
You are pure Light, the light of Awareness
That includes all sides, both wrongness and fairness.

Expand your horizons, stretch past the edges
Like a risk taking gambler whose bets he hedges
The jackpot is yours with no risk at all.
From the Sea of Awareness you cannot possibly fall …

You cannot drop … not from grace, nor from the sky
For the Awareness you are cannot possibly die.
This you know without ever seeing …
For this Truth arises from the depth of your Being.

You are so very loved.