Carly Hughes is one strong communicator from the spirit world.  She proved her presence again today in the most beautiful ways, first by giving her mom, my friend, Irene Vouvalides, the awareness of her presence.  Then, she answered her mom’s request to instantly play “their song” on the radio.  So cool!  And to top things off, as I was reading Irene’s email sharing these wonderful gifts, Carly dropped in on me.

I was due to give a reading, but “for some reason,” my client was late, allowing me to tune in fully to Carly.  “Okay, what do you want me to share with your mom?”  Carly gave me a list of things going on in Irene and her step-dad Tony’s life.  Irene later told me that Carly was the queen of list-making, so I guess she still is!

She told me her mom is doing laundry now (Irene was doing so at that very moment).  She talked about something very recent with dragonflies (Irene just bought a pair of shorts with dragonflies, shown here).  She showed me Tony up a ladder (something he did the day before yesterday).  She showed me someone having their mouth washed out with soap.  (Can you believe this past weekend one of Irene’s grandsons put soap in the other grandson’s mouth!)  Carly even had a message about her dog Linus’s recent antics.

I sent Irene the full list.  She wrote back, validating everything except for mentioning the item where I described Carly taking her teddy bear by the legs and walking him, even making a silly sound:  “doop-doop-doop-doop” to imitate the action of moving him.  I wrote back to Irene, “I know from what she told me in a past visit that you have Carly’s teddy bear, but what’s up with him now?

In response to my inquiry, Irene sent me a photo of Sebastian the bear sitting on a pile of linens.  The email had no explanation, just the photo.  I wrote back and asked what that was all about.  She then explained that she had hidden Sebastian in the closet last weekend to “protect” him while her grandchildren were visiting.  I asked if that was unusual, and Irene informed me that for the 28 years that Sebastian has been in Carly and Irene’s lives, Sebastian has been sitting out in full view.

Suddenly I understood what Carly had been trying to show me.  “Get Sebastian out of the closet, Mom!  Walk him out into the daylight!”  Indeed, Irene confessed that she had forgotten poor Sebastian was in the closet.  How incredibly marvelous this is to understand that Carly hadn’t forgotten Sebastian and included that gem of a reminder in her list of wonderful evidence.  The way she delivered this message not only shows she is very much aware of what is going on in Irene and Tony and Sebastian’s lives, but it shows the intelligence and creativity of those in the spirit world.  And why not?!

Even one piece of this evidence is enough to make the big message clear:  “I’m not gone forever!”  Taken as a list, they shout out what all of our loved ones who have crossed the veil want us to know beyond a doubt:  “We’re still right here!”