Your pain disappears when your wrong-thinking is replaced with love. What is wrong-thinking? Any thought that comes from the belief in separation—that you are anything other than a God-being—one with the Creator … one with the loving, creative Force of the Universe. You are the sun and the stars, the wave and the ocean. You cannot separate yourself from love any more than you could separate the breath from the air you breathe.

Wrong-thinking is anything that takes you away from this loving connection with your Source. Fear, hurt, anger, hate, judgment … these are of the ego. These are naught but learning tools and warning signs to you that you are out of alignment in thought. Physical pain occurs when the body is out of alignment. Quite often this misalignment can be traced (if not through traumatic injury) to misalignment of thought.

Align your thoughts always with love. Love is the great healing force of the universe. Heal yourself with love. It is that simple.