IMG_0039I admit it:  last night I wanted to give up.  Maybe it was the result of two long days of driving. Maybe it was just too many toxic headlines in my face.  Whatever it was, I admit I grew a bit discouraged.  Here we are near Kansas City so I can help others to make the connection with Spirit this weekend at Unity Village, the headquarters for Unity worldwide.  The excitement had been building all week, and then, this big low that felt so awful and so foreign.

I teach people to be aware of their emotions, and let me tell you, I was quite aware of being out of balance.  I announced that I was going to bed early, knowing that Ty could feel my funk.  I pulled the covers up to my chin and thought, “This world is full of people who hurt others and find pleasure in it.  I can’t deny this.  The world is full of people who hate.  This I know.”  On the verge of crying, I gazed upward and prayed with all my heart, “Help me!  What do I need right now?”

And in that moment, my prayer was answered.  A story I have not thought of in well over a year was suddenly front and center in my mind.  It is right there in the front of my book, Wolf’s Message, and many of you will recognize it:

“A Native American grandfather is talking to his grandson about a recent tragedy in their tribe. He says, “I feel as if I have two wolves fighting in my heart.  One wolf is angry and wants revenge. The other is understanding and feels compassion.” The grandson asks him, “Which wolf will win?”  The grandfather answers, “The one I feed.”

Oh, my.  That’s the answer, isn’t it?  As Sanaya put it so clearly in Yin-Yangthis morning’s message, we chose to come here to “play” a while in this challenging game of life.  It’s one big dance back and forth between the opposites, as Wolf showed so clearly with the yin-yang symbol at the center of his final drawing.

It’s natural to feel the despair, just as it’s natural to
feel the anger, the judgment, and all those other emotions that go along with being human, but we get to choose which wolf we feed.

nature-animal-wolf-wildernessI felt Wolf’s presence so clearly last night, and no wonder.  His human birthday is coming up this weekend, and Mike and Beth will be here to share in the Unity retreat.  We’ll honor him together, but today?  I’m gonna feed the wolf inside that understands why humans are the way we are.  I’m going to feed the one that feels compassion, and I’m just going to keep the light burning.  Thank you, Wolf.