“Our world is your world,” those on the other side tell us.  “We can’t reach out and touch you, but we surround you with the love that we feel all around us here.”

P1050385I’ve had the opportunity to truly appreciate these words from spirit as Ty and I begin our three-week adventure in New Zealand.  In three days we received words of injuries and illnesses faced by three of our dearly beloved.  The first news, which cut straight to the heart, reached us via text the moment we powered up our phones upon arriving in the southern hemisphere.  “I’m so sorry to have to tell you this,” the text began.  As fear gripped me, along with the awareness that there was nothing I could do, I got to work using a few other tools in my arsenal for finding peace.  (My mother is fine – this was something altogether different).

I allowed the fearful emotions to flow through me rather than rejecting them or allowing them to get stuck within.  I acknowledged that life in the physical world is all about change.  I knew I had a choice as to how I reacted, and I chose not to be upset.  In my “Let Your Spirit SOAR” course I teach how to downgrade our demands to preferences.  I definitely would have preferred that all was well at home and that the one so dear to our hearts was perfectly fine, but things happen in this physical world that we can’t control.  Staying at home does not ensure that all remains well.

As I shared the news with Ty that I received in that initial text, I remained calm, remembering a line from the movie we had just watched on the flight, “Bridge of Spies.”  In the film, Tom Hanks’ character asked the spy, Abel, why he wasn’t upset at the thought of being executed.  Abel’s deadpan response was, “Would it help?”

The fight or flight syndrome helps us humans to stay safe when faced with a real and imminent threat.  Once the danger or threat has passed and there is nothing we can do but deal with the after-effects, it does no good to be upset.  “Would it help?” is a great phrase to keep in our back pocket when facing any challenge.  It is when we remain in a state of peace that we can connect with our Source and receive guidance from a higher perspective.

So here I am, halfway across the globe, feeling as if I’m in another world, getting follow-up reports on these three the-presence-of-love_bycpdw8ls__S0000loved ones.  So far, so good, and I am ever so grateful.  Meanwhile, I realize that I’m like our loved ones who have crossed the veil.  I can see what’s happening back home.  I can feel what all are going through.  I can’t reach out and touch them, yet I am there with them in my heart.  So what can I do?  The same thing that we do whether here or in the hereafter:  be the presence of love and send that healing balm to all concerned, knowing it makes all the difference in the world.