Do you tire of hearing the same messages here each day? Do the words begin to repeat themselves? If so, then why do you return to repeat the experience? It is quite simple. Yours is a world of many low vibrations. These messages of love and oneness … these messages from Spirit and of Spirit carry a much higher vibration. The very act of reading them does raise your own vibration and bring good feelings and harmony.

These words are as a pill you take each day and let them do their work. If you were to stop taking these vibrational vitamins, all the more difficult would it be to remain positive and loving in a world filled with so much pain and darkness. While it is not mandatory to take your vitamins, when such aid is available, is it not sensible to partake of it? This, your daily dose of love is filled with the very vibration of its Source. Partake of it freely—this spiritual supplement—and know that you are loved greatly.