Believe in yourself.
It’s the best gift you can give.
For when you believe,
You let your soul live.

Belief forms your thoughts
And from them your actions.
All consciousness causes
Your acts and reactions.

So if there is something
You wish to achieve,
Whatever it is,
All you need’s to believe.

So few have a concept
Of just how much they can do
If this one simple fact
In their hearts they just knew:

It’s belief that does rule.
It adds fuel to the fire.
All things you can do
When they’re linked with desire.

But beware of the “no’s”
When you believe that you can’t.
Belief holds such power,
That all “can’t” becomes “shan’t”.

So watch closely your thoughts.
Keep them strong, held on high,
And there’s nothing you want
That your belief will deny.