And light begins to fill the sky.
The beauty of nature
Appears before the eye.

The warmth of the sun
Can be felt on the skin.
Warming the body
Without and within.

It’s light that pervades
Every cell of creation.
Pure consciousness drives
Every thought and sensation.

But from where comes the light
When the long day is done?
What force keeps life going
After long sets the sun?

‘Tis the light of your God
That from which all things rise.
It’s the light of creation
Which fills up the skies.

Your science does show
That all life is in motion.
Dig under the surface
To understand this strange notion.

At the heart of all things
Is a force quite aware,
Creating each moment
What appears to be there.

So is it illusion,
Or is it quite real?
To you seems quite stable
That with your fingers you feel.

It matters now not
What is real or just mind.
When your body you leave,
There the answers you’ll find.

For now go within.
Seek not only above,
And discover the truth:
That pure light equals love.