One is a singular number.
It stands alone, all by itself.
Like a solitary soldier…
A single book upon a shelf.

But One can hold true greatness.
It encompasses all things.
For in the oneness is completeness
Both the good and bad that your life brings.

Search your heart and find the answers.
Know in there the truth does lie.
You may think that all is separate,
But you become One when you die.

What is One lies at your essence.
It’s the spirit that’s the same.
It’s the life force that flows through you.
It is God by any name.

This force you cannot separate.
The spirit you cannot divide.
And seen even as one billion souls
From this force you cannot hide.

So see the love in all mankind.
For it’s this Force that you does bind.
You’ll feel the oneness in all things
When to others you are kind.