Why do children get sick? How can we heal our world? Angels and ascended masters share the answers.  Medium and mystic, Suzanne Giesemann provides the voice for her group of spirit guides known as “Sanaya” as they help us understand from the angelic perspective.

Sanaya speaks about living in the present moment and gives listeners tools to better achieve this state.  They know why the group is gathered and share their wisdom regarding children with cancer – the “whys” and the bigger picture. Hear about cancer in our world from the perspective of the angelic realms – the origins, the eradication, the power of our choices and help from the spirit world.

In addition, the following questions are answered by Sanaya:

  • How can we best pray or lift up those people and animals who live in the areas of military conflict right now?”
  • Can we communicate with interdimensional beings simply through meditation or telepathy?
  • Can you shed any light on what can be done to change the path of destruction of the environment?
  • Could you explain what the astral realm is?
  • Does karma exist, and do we carry it from lifetime to lifetime?
  • Is the ringing we sometimes hear, or vibration we hear when meditating, is that strictly a physical thing or is there more meaning to that?