I have been leading monthly webinars (open to all) to share the teachings I receive from Sanaya each month about how to raise our consciousness and connect with the other side.  Each two-hour webinar includes the latest magical moments from my interactions with spirit.  For September’s session I invited several ladies involved in recent readings to come on screen and discuss the wonderful validations we had received.  The two readings I planned to discuss both involved interactions with very good communicators from the other side with whom I had connected in past readings:  Austin, the son of Colleen Smith, and Harry, the husband of Patty Loftus Jones, who dropped in while I was doing a reading for Tracy Wilburn.  Harry and Austin are such good communicators, that I secretly invited them to drop-in during the webinar.  Not only did they drop in, they individually presented me with evidence of things going on in Colleen’s and Patty’s lives earlier that day that were stunningly similar.

With Patty’s permission, I am posting below her account of this magical set-up from across the veil:

From Patty Loftus Jones’ blog:

Suzanne asked Tracy if she would share highlights of her reading.  Since the surprise guest in Tracy’s reading was my Harry, she asked if both Tracy and I would be willing to come on screen in the webinar.  Of course we were honored for our spirit peeps to be part of Suzanne’s teaching, and we were ready, hair combed and eager to share our joy.  I was expecting maybe a few moments in the always fast-paced, energizing and inspirational 2-hour session.  I’m not sure any of us were ready for what happened next.

Suzanne had also asked a young woman named Colleen to come on screen and talk about her recent reading and the incredible evidence from her son Austin.  It was a surprise to Suzanne that Austin had also brought Suzanne’s stepdaughter Susan into that reading, coming in together hand in hand across the veil.  And why was Susan’s presence there so special?  Because Colleen had asked Austin before the reading to find Susan, knowing she was a strong and experienced communicator in spirit, and she wanted Austin to ask Susan how to do this so they could do it too.  As Austin later said, “It was easy, Suzanne, because Susan’s always around you”.

Together, Austin and Susan were a powerful duo, I wish I could share all the “Gold Nuggets”, the WOW moments, as Suzanne calls them.  But what I can tell you is that right there in the middle of the live webinar, things got even more incredible, as Suzanne sensed Austin’s presence again.  He was showing her his Mom putting a knife into something and turning it, like digging out something with a knife.  Colleen, smiling happily, confirmed that yes, that very morning she had used a knife to dig out something in her car door lock.  Now remember that detail, it will come up later.   Suzanne then asked Colleen if she would stay on screen while she brought in two other women, Tracy Wilburn and Patty Loftus Jones, explaining it was because they also had a little help in their reading, just like Susan helped Austin.

As Suzanne, a masterful storyteller, began to explain the connection between these two readings and the surprise appearance of the two invited guests, Susan in Colleen’s reading, and Harry in Tracy’s, just then, much to my delight, Harry showed up, right there in the middle of the webinar.  At 9:02pm, Suzanne said, “I’m a little confused now, because I can feel Harry.  I asked Harry to join us tonight.  And as I was preparing before, sitting on my couch, I felt Harry and he was showing me putting a little key in a lock, leaning down and looking through a lock, or picking a lock.   See, this is gonna blow us all away because you just saw that Austin just showed a lock issue with a knife (today), but Harry was showing me a keyhole and a lock.  So if there’s a dual thing going on here, this is really cool.  So Patty, what’s up with the lock and key? And you’re laughing, so this is gonna be really cool.”

I explained to Suzanne that that morning I had been fixing the loose doorknob on my front door, and I had to get down under it and look to find the slot in the screw to put the screwdriver in and tighten it.  To which Suzanne said enthusiastically, “This is such a set up!  They told me to keep Colleen on screen when you bring these two (Tracy and Patty) in, because Susan helped Austin, and Harry helped Tracy.  I saw the knife (going into something) from Austin and Harry was showing me a key in lock, picking it and leaning down and looking in the doorknob!  Raise your hands everybody if you’re as blown away by this as I am … that we have two spirits present, with two set-up type readings where their loved ones came in and brought somebody else in to help with the reading.  And both had a lock issue today!  I love it!


 They knew that happened to both of you.  Harry is such a ham.  He loves attention.  Austin is just focused on his new duties of helping his Mom, but I can feel his heart swelling, Colleen.  I know these gentlemen, and their relationship with you, and they’re showing me their love, and it’s just beautiful.  I knew they would be here.  But WOW…the two lock and key things and the knife.  I will remember this night for a long time.”

Suzanne then read these poignant words from an email Tracy had sent her:  “What an intimate connection a medium experiences during a reading!  There used to be a time when the preacher and the town doctor would get to know a family on a pretty profound level.  But nothing can compare to the way a medium establishes that link between family members incarnate and those who have returned to the pure essence of light.  I guess that’s because spirit can only present to you (the medium) its authentic self.  No preacher or town doctor — or anyone else — can claim that in their work with humans…. I’m marveling at the fact that it was indeed possible to be even closer as a family than we already were.  This is what a medium facilitates. “     I couldn’t agree more, Tracy.

The surprise for me in all of this was, well, honestly, I never STOP feeling surprised, no matter how often or how big or small the synchronicity, or how evidential or loving the message.  The surprise for Suzanne, even though she had asked Harry to come, was the thing that happened after, the dual lock thing, the teamwork of it, because she didn’t know that Harry and Austin had “set up” a little show for her and for all of us.  They performed, and flawlessly I might add, a little “live” demonstration in front of this group of a hundred or more students from across the globe.  Every actor, every detail played out perfectly. What if Colleen didn’t immediately remember about the lock?  How did it get jammed in the first place?  What if I had waited one more day to fix my lock?   It was as if every cosmic detail flowed together to create this moment.  And I could not stop laughing.  To think my Harry was here just a few hours earlier, looking over my shoulder as I was hunched down by the front door, trying to see, bifocals on or off didn’t help in finding the screw slot for the screwdriver tip to fix the doorknob lock assembly.

How is it that two women living hundreds of miles apart, who have never met or spoken or known each other at all, are inexplicably drawn together, along with Suzanne, Tracy, Austin and Harry, into a web so grand, so complex, so astounding, so unbelievably magical?   Colleen and I just that morning, unknown to each other in our separate little worlds, both picked up pointed metal objects, knife and screwdriver, to fix our two separate door lock problems, and on the day of Suzanne’s webinar where we were both scheduled to be on screen to tell a different story.

How could Suzanne have known about Colleen’s car door lock and my front door lock, and our efforts to fix them AT THE SAME TIME ON THE SAME DAY?  Or that our efforts were seen by our most beloved peeps.  Who knows, is it possible they set up the need for these two repairs just so they could report back to Suzanne and WOW us all with the evidence?  How is this all possible?  Whenever I struggle with understanding how we can all be separate and unique, and yet one, I picture the aspen grove.  Thousands of trees all connected by one unseen root system sharing a life force.  Under the surface, I AM Austin, and Colleen and Tracy and Susan…

And what is the purpose of all these elaborately choreographed machinations? Why? To show us, to prove to us all, Colleen and I, our families and friends, the entire roster of webinar viewers, and every one of you reading this story, that consciousness NEVER dies, that love NEVER ends.  Our loved ones are alive and well and apparently working together quite efficiently to communicate with us in the most amusing and loving ways.  They HELP each other and work together, and have a grand old time doing it!  As Harry said, he was “getting a kick out of all this”.   I know he would be.  I know how much he loves continuing to surprise me.  I know he loves returning the favor, although the word “favor” is sadly inadequate for all Suzanne has done to be our go-between, our soul phone.  And not just Suzanne, but every medium he has introduced himself to since he passed.  I know he is happy to be helping all of my soul family on their own journeys of awakening.  I know he has made new friends since he transitioned, some still on this side, over a shared love of gardening, music, or fishing, working together to astound, to delight, and most of all to show us their love.  It’s become Harry’s mission, his work, and his joy.   And mine….to share his words, his messages, his/their/our inspiration.  We’re a good team, my Harry and I.

Suzanne ends these webinars as she begins them, with an invocation.  “Connect our hearts around the world.  So grateful to our loved ones on the other side, for Austin and Harry, showing us that incredible sign of the two locks, how they both knew about those two things going on at once, a complete setup from the spirit world.  May we all rejoice in these kinds of beautiful signs from our loved ones on the other side, may we wake up each day knowing the joy that we are, with excitement, asking the spirit world, ‘What do we need to know today?  Bring it on.’  We are so grateful to all of us and to our teams for bringing us together and teaching us every moment how to bring more love into our world.”

“We ask you to examine your aspen trees. On the surface of one grove, you see individual trees of varying sizes and ages, all appearing separate. Underneath what appears to be a surface—the earthly ground—lies a vast web of connections: the root system. What appears to be separate is but a web, connecting what? One living organism. The earthly ground hides this from you, yet the soil through which the living tree passes is vital to its existence. For now, focus on the web of roots. Could you see yourselves at an energetic level, you would begin to understand why you experience so many connections and synchronicities with those you know and meet. Beneath the surface you are one organism.  Think not in terms of the physical bodies. This is where you go astray. Think in terms of subtle energy … of Life Force … that which animates you. Perhaps you might call it “Love,” and you would be correct. All is One. We will continue to use analogies and lessons of love until you finally know what the heart has never forgotten.”     —SanayaSpeaks/Suzanne Giesemann 

Thank you, Patty, for your beautiful words.  For more information about the monthly webinars, visit www.SuzanneGiesemann.com/mentor .  The next webinar is Tuesday, October 17th.