You may have learned set theory in your schooling. Within a set, which you may picture like a round sphere, there are subsets, also pictured as spheres. And at times you have the intersection of sets where there are shared elements. Picture your current lifetime as a subset within the larger set you call the soul. You are not all of the soul whilst in a body, simply one projected experience, or what you call your life. And so, what you call past lives still exist as subsets of the same soul. All outside of your current lifetime is what you may know as the higher self. This is why you still exist even if other parts of you reincarnate as another subset. This is why you may access past lives, for they still exist as subsets of the self-same soul. And the intersections? This is why you experience Deja vu. Ah, you are beginning to see with the eyes of the soul. But do not stop there. The soul is a subset within a greater sphere. And on and on it goes, and all are subsets of the one Light.

You are so very loved.