The soul is fine. It is the part of the soul that is playing a role which has forgotten who it really is.  Can you imagine an actor playing a role so completely that they act only as the role even when off the stage?  Perhaps you have heard this analogy when referring to the soul.  It is not completely accurate.  You, the soul are quite aware of who you are.  In the case of being human, the aspect of you that interacts with other human roles has co-opted the soul, running a bit amok without listening to the soul’s guidance.  The human aspect seems to take on a life of its own, but this is quite impossible, dear one.  If you are experiencing chaos, or anything less than the exhibition of the soul’s true nature, you, the role are ignoring the soul that is here and now.  Take off the costume, why don’t you and let the wise one run the show. 

You are so very loved.