And so, it’s your birthday, a day to celebrate.  One more year in human form.  It is a day like the new year:  a day to observe what you have accomplished, what you would like to do in the coming year.  Do you know the most important question you can ask?  “How much have I loved?”  It matters not how others treat you, what they think, or how they act.  You are a change agent.  Every day is your birthday, for you arise anew with each sunrise for the soul purpose of shining your inner light.  It is that simple.  There may be days when you do not feel like shining.  A smile may be all it takes to make a difference.  In that instant you will feel a stirring in your own heart, and there you have it:  connection.  This is Love.  This is evolution:  bringing yourself and others into alignment with the highest Self.  It is why you are here. 

You are so very loved.