Cherish the moments you spend by yourself. So often you try to fill the time with noise—the television or music play in the background as if to blot out the silence. Of what are you afraid? Of hearing your own thoughts? Of getting to know yourself? What is so bad about this word “alone?” Do you see the basis of this word when you separate the syllables? “Alone” becomes “all one.” You are never truly alone, for all are interconnected. There is only one Mind… one Spirit … and you are It.

So why do you run from loneliness? It is because, beloved one, you are living with a false sense of separation. Something in your past to which you cling continues to hold you prisoner as if in a lonely cell. The bars are imaginary. Know this well. You can bend the bars as if butter and free yourself in an instant by seeing that the world is full of souls who all enjoy the same emotions as you, merely by calling them forth in the Mind.

You wish to be like those who are completely at peace while no others are around physically? Call forth within you that part of All-One-ness that is pure Love, for this is the essence of Oneness. Do this, and you will find yourself actively seeking to be al-one.