Note from Suzanne: A poem! Last night I was discussing with friends that we love Sanaya’s words, but we miss the poetry. This morning Sanaya gave us a gift. When I felt the rhythm of the words and heard the rhyme my heart soared. The phrases came as fast as I could write them. When I was finished, Sanaya reminded me of the limitations of the English language (not enough words to rhyme to get their messages across). They told me the prose will continue, but there will be poems now and then for our pleasure. (For all of the poems, use the link from Today’s poem is amazing evidence of the spirit world’s intelligence and love for us. Read these words that came to me in less than three minutes and see the clever way the spirit world gives us today’s message – that God is with you always …

Pick a penny from the ground
Then rejoice in what you found
For to you this little treasure
Holds far more worth than you can measure.

To most its value is one cent.
It buys not much when it is spent.
To you the fun is in the finding
For you this treasure is reminding

That always there does lie a gift
Ready for your mind to lift.
Scattered there like copper leaves
A sign from God for he who believes.

“In God we trust” is written there
A clear reminder for those who care
To read these words and thus to know
That God is there where ‘ere you go.

So when next you find a penny lost
That perhaps for luck was tossed
To you the luck does come in turn
When the penny’s lesson you do learn.