Blockages. We speak of them often. And so we ask you, “Blockages of what?” Of the Life Force. Blockages of that which animates you … gives you life. This Life Force flows through you at all times, for if not, you would not survive in this world. You would pass to our world of pure spirit.

So how do you block this flow? Quite simple—with your thoughts. Your thoughts and your imagination are the prime movers of God-energy. When thoughts are limited, such as those which are unkind or unloving to yourself or others, the Life Force is limited.

To truly feel alive and vibrant, search for the ways in which your thoughts limit the flow. Blame no others. Look inside. You create the dams and you can knock them down. Expand your thoughts with love for yourself and others and feel the vitality, energy, and yes—Life—return to your veins as this vitalizing Force is given free rein by your mind to flow.