People who come in and out of your life, if only for a brief moment, are there for your growth—your soul’s evolution. Some you may know a lifetime. Others you may fixate upon for a few years, or perhaps a shorter period, but oh, the changes they do bring about in that period! None are there by accident. Embrace their presence in your life, whether they bring you happiness or sorrow. All give you exactly what you needed to learn. Know that you do the same for them, and when you come to a parting of your ways, be it by mutual agreement or a solitary decision, let them go. This, too, is part of your learning.

When these souls have parted from your now-moments, look back upon your time together and celebrate it for the growth that has occurred, but dwell not in the past. Look around you now and see the relationships you currently enjoy. Celebrate these as well. These, too, will come and go, but once you share your energy with another, always will you be linked.